New National Core Music Standards

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards ( has opened the new draft Core Arts Standards for public review between now and July 15. Please visit their website and partake in the public review!

While the standards are still in draft form, it is a good time to start thinking about how they will align with and impact our current curricula. To help you with this process, here are some ideas about aligning the Creative Sequence components with the new music standards.

Artistic Processes

The new music standards are organized into three Artistic Processes:

  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Responding

At first glance, these align nearly perfectly to the Creative Sequence Process:

  • Experience – (Aligns with Performing)
  • Analyze – (Aligns with Responding)
  • Create – (Aligns with Creating)

However, when we delve into the underlying standards, we will see there is more to each of these than simply process.

Process Component & Anchor Standards

Under the three processes, there are thirteen Anchor Standards. While these are written as complete sentences, they can also be summed up by the Process Components that align with them.

Below, after each process component, we will list the Creative Sequence Process step that aligns.

  • Creating
    • ImagineCreate: Experiment
    • PlanCreate: Improvise, Compose, Arrange
    • Make/Evaluate/Refine – Create: Improvise, Compose, Arrange
    • Present – Create: Improvise, Compose, Arrange, Notate
  • Performing
    • SelectAnalyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • AnalyzeAnalyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • Interpret – Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • Rehearse/Evaluate/Refine – Experience: Perform; Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Describe
    • Present – Experience: Perform
  • Responding
    • Select – Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • Analyze – Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • Interpret – Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Read, Describe
    • Evaluate – Analyze: Explore, Identify, Label, Describe

As you can see, the new National Music Standards align heavily with higher-ordered thinking processes, especially analysis. Unfortunately, they seem to practically eliminate the necessary skill-building. The National Standards in their current draft form do not focus on ElementsRepertoire, or Media. Therefore, at this time, it is not possible to align these components with the new standards.

More will be posted as the review process continues. For another look, check out Tim’s blog post on the subject.

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