Creating a digital score with Noteflight

Creative Sequence users have seen many clean, simple scores for folk songs and other children’s music. These scores have been created with Noteflight. Noteflight is an online music notation software, that allows you to create, edit, and retrieve scores from any device, at any time (similar to the way Google Drive works with documents and spreadsheets).

If you are new to Noteflight, you will have to sign up for an account. It is free for the basic membership, but there are limitations to score options and the number of files you can save. Full access is about $50 per year, relatively inexpensive compared to desktop notation software.

Once you have created a score, the simplest way to save it as an image is by taking a screenshot. On Windows machines, use the Snipping Tool (you can search for the tool, it’s location varies depending on your edition of Windows). On Mac, pressĀ alt-shift-4. In both cases, this will bring up crosshairs that you can drag around your score, and quickly snap an image. Once you find where the image is stored, you can upload the image and use it for your online lesson plans.

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