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If you have been inspired by the Creative Sequence books or online materials, these other resources are also likely to help you on your journey as a music educator!


The following books should all be available from West Music, Music is Elementary, or other online retailers.

150 American Folk Songs to sing, read, and play, ed. Peter Erdei, Boosey & Hawkes, 1974.

Goodkin, Doug. Nows the Time: Teaching Jazz to All Ages, Pentatonic Press, 2004.

Keetman, Gunild and Carl Orff. Music for Children, Vol. I-V, ed. Margaret Murray, Schott.

Keetman, Gunild. Rhythmische Übung, Schott.

López-Ibor, Sofia. Blue is the Sea: Music, Dance, & Visual Arts, Pentatonic Press, 2011.

López-Ibor, Sofia. ¡Quien canta su mal espanta! Singing Drives away Sorrow! Songs, Games, and Dances from Latin America, Schott, 2006.

My Singing Bird: 150 Folk Songs, ed. Ida Erdei, Faith Knowles, & Denise Bacon, Kodály Center of America, 2002.

Sail Away: 155 American Folk Songs to sing, read, and play, ed. Eleanor Locke, Boosey & Hawkes, 1981.

Steen, Arvida. Exploring Orff: A Teacher’s Guide, Schott, 1992.

The Real Mother Goose, Checkerboard Press, 1944.


The American Orff Schulwerk Association – The premier organization for teaching children creative music

The Organization of American Kodaly Educators – An organization dedicated to promoting music literacy, giving all children musical skills, and preserving musical heritage



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